8 Common Mistakes That Can Gain Your Weight and Belly Fat


Is it difficult to lose weight and get rid of bloating?

So you are not alone, millions of people around the world experience this.

From dieting to going to the gym, people try to lose weight in various ways so that this extra fat can be dissolved as soon as possible.

But most of the time, despite all your efforts, you don’t lose weight, and it’s not because of your efforts, it’s because of a few mistakes.

Here are some common daily habits that can lead to bloating and weight gain.

These habits seem normal and harmless, but as a result, people gradually fail in their efforts to get rid of obesity.


These are 8 Common Mistakes That Can Gain Your Weight and Belly Fat

1. No sleep routine

If you are accustomed to sleeping too much at night, friends may be jealous of it, but too much sleep for 9 hours or more or less than 5 hours is associated with weight gain.

Too much or too little sleep makes the body unable to make the hormones that control appetite and appetite, and yes people also avoid exercising due to lack of sleep and fatigue.

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2. Drink less water

Drinking adequate amounts of water daily can help you lose weight.

Water has no calories, so it quenches thirst without gaining weight.

When you drink the right amount of water, you are less likely to use soda, fruit juices, or other sweet drinks from the market.

Too many calories in sugary drinks are one of the leading causes of weight gain.


3. No time to eat

When there is no set mealtime and there is a long interval between meals, people look at the food in front of them and eat more because of hunger.

So it is better to reduce the interval between meals and take out less food in plates.

Prefer eating out instead of at home

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

In fact, these foods contain more calories than you think, and people who eat one meal a day at a hotel are more likely to gain weight than others.

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4. Spend the day sitting

If your job is such that you have to spend the whole day sitting or spending time in front of the TV, then you should not even think of losing weight.


When you spend most of the day sitting, the body begins to lose the ability to know when you have eaten too much.

You can also reduce this risk by taking short walks throughout the day.

Consume large amounts of food or drink after exercise

Exercise is the best way to lose weight and build muscle, but eating large amounts of food or juices after each workout can turn all hard work upside down.

5. Being stressed

If you are feeling stressed then it is more likely that your food choices will be harmful to health and have more calories, which will calm the mind, but also when you eat something when the body. No food is required.

6. Deciding to eat in a hurry

Taking the time to think about your diet is good for your health.


Even if there is a lot of physical activity, if it becomes difficult to stop in front of fast food or sweet drinks, there is no loss of body weight.

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The calories in the above foods do not provide energy like healthy foods but increase the blood sugar level by entering the blood very fast.

In addition, they do not contain enough fiber and other nutrients.

7. Thai ride issues

If the functions of this small gland in the throat slow down, body weight can increase by several kilograms.

Thai Ride produces hormones that help control the body’s energy and help digest food.

However, when the amount of hormones is low, it becomes difficult to lose bodyweight and the feeling of bloating may also increase as the amount of water and salts in the body increases.


8. Medicines

Some medications can cause a slight increase in body weight, for example, steroids change metabolism and increase appetite which makes people eat more and increase bloating.


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