Aloe Vera Benefits For Skin and Hair


Aloe Vera Benefits For Skin and Hair: Aloe vera, a thorny wild plant with hard leaves, is also called Gheekwar. The substance in the leaves of Aloe Vera is very useful for human health, it is used to enhance beauty, including direct food.

Aloe vera is a wild plant that can be grown in any type of soil, it grows in days and spreads in months, the bitter substance of aloe vera is bitter and helps in many diseases, from joint pain. From sugar and acne to acne, to hair beautification, Gheekwar is best used.

Here are some of the benefits of using aloe vera that will make you grow this plant at home.

While there are numerous benefits to using aloe vera, eating it directly or drinking it as a drink eliminates stubborn fat around the abdomen and also reduces overall weight loss.

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People who want to lose weight can use it as a drink daily in the morning.

To lose weight, take out a 3 to 4-inch piece of aloe vera and grind it with a slice of cucumber. Drink lemon juice or any other vegetable to improve the taste. Cabbage and carrots can also be added.

Aloe vera gel can also be used by grinding in plain water without adding any vegetables.


The direct use of aloe vera gel speeds up metabolism, prevents constipation, balances cholesterol levels, relieves joint pain, and makes it possible to eliminate toxins from the body.

Useful for hair

The use of aloe vera plays a role in enhancing the beauty of the hair, it moisturizes the hair naturally and returns the moisture of the hair, helping the hair to look long, soft, and shiny.

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Grind aloe vera gel to enhance the beauty of the hair and now add half a teaspoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, onion, and potato water to the hair 3 to 4 times a week. Repeat, the hair will start to be clean, lip, and thick.

This process is also very useful for eliminating dryness from the scalp.

The best treatment for flawless, clear face and summer sunburned skin

Aloe vera is the best treatment for all facial skin diseases, it also moisturizes the skin naturally, removes blemishes, and eliminates wrinkles.


To get rid of acne, nail pimples, and to make the burnt skin healthy, cut the aloe vera leaf in the middle and massage it directly on the skin, meanwhile lemon juice can also be applied on the face.

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Alvera gel, crushed tomatoes We weigh and add 3 to 4 drops of lemon juice, apply this paste on the face for at least 15 minutes daily before going to bed, then wash your face with cold water.

TakeTo relieve gastric acidity and heartburn

Aloe vera gel is the best option for cleansing the intestines. To get rid of stomach irritation immediately, grind aloe vera gel and drink it (half a glass) before eating, it will eliminate stomach-related diseases.


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