Amazing Benefits of Turnip – Magical For Face Beauty

Soak a flannel cloth in lukewarm milk and keep it on the eyes till the heat disappears. Doing this for a while will make the eyelids bigger.

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To brighten the complexion, pour dew drops on the plants in a pot in the morning. Applying it on the face creates radiance. When the shoe polish dries, add a little petrol and it will soften. If you can’t sleep, poppy oil

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See you in the kitchen. Sleep will come soon. If you have a sore throat, boil turnip in water and drink its water. Grind a spoonful of honey and cloves to feed children to relieve cough.

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  • To protect your teeth from tooth decay, chew a little bread whenever you eat something.
  • Honey – Common Use: To relieve cough and relieve sore throat
  • New use: A study in Saudi Arabia found that applying honey also reduced wound pain compared to other methods.
And he was soon healed. In research, some people used honey and some used traditional ointments.

After two days, the pain of those who took honey was completely gone, while those who took other treatments took eight days to recover.

Lemon juice Traditional use: To dye hair … New use: To prevent kidney stones. The same ingredients in lemons, which are used to lighten some parts of the hair, reduce the excretion of citric acid and calcium and also reduce the chances of developing kidney stones.

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If you have this problem, mix lemon juice in water and use it daily (without sugar). Barley Oatmeal – Traditional Uses: New Uses to Prevent Skin Diseases: Beneficial for Heart Health.

In the West, barley porridge has been used for years as a home remedy to prevent skin diseases, such as eczema. But not just skin protection


It also contains special fibre, beta-glucan, which has been shown to help lower dangerous LDL cholesterol levels. Elevated LDL levels increase the risk of heart disease, so daily consumption of barley porridge can help lower cholesterol as well as reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Amazing Benefits of Turnip – Magical For Face Beauty Complete Video Urdu / Hindi



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