Amazing Benefits of Yogurt and Banana!

Amazing Benefits of Yogurt and Banana!: Some people start taking sleeping pills for sleep, the side effects of which cause us to have more physical complications, but health experts say to use nail tea for such a problem.

It also has no side effects and its use will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Nails are rich in potassium and magnesium and these two metals help us to sleep peacefully. They also strengthen our muscles and do not cause stiffness and tension.

If a person suffers from permanent insomnia and despite trying to sleep at night, it becomes very painful.

Insomnia causes diseases and increases the risk of diabetes and physical weakness.


One banana, one Cut a glass of water, 2 grams cinnamon banana and put it in water and boil the water for ten minutes, strain the drink.

Now sprinkle cinnamon on it and drink banana tea one hour before going to bed at night. Cooper will fall asleep.

The combination of banana and milk is a very beneficial drink because the balanced combination of protein and carbohydrates in it helps to strengthen the muscles after exercise.

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Similarly, the banana milkshake provides protein, fiber, calcium, vitamins, and minerals to the body and yes it does not increase body weight.

As mentioned above, proteins help in the development of muscles, vitamins, and minerals to improve metabolism.

Also, the fiber in this drink keeps the stomach full for a longer period of time, which prevents premature mouthfuls.

Milk, proteins, vitamins, minerals, Rich in calcium and vitamin B1, 100 grams of milk contains 42 calories, while bananas are rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, dietary fiber, potassium, and biotin.

One hundred grams of banana contains 89 calories but it keeps the stomach full for a long time and also increases physical energy.

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Amazing Benefits of Yogurt

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