An easy way for white hair to turn into black hair, homemade recipe


If you want your white hair to turn black for life, use this tip For white hair: 

  • Put a few dry pieces of potatoes in a pound of iron in a pound of half a kilo of water and keep it for one day. Apply water, the hair will turn black in a few weeks to a few months, try this tip. Black and long hair:
  • Boil coconut oil with a handful of henna leaves. Applying it to the hair daily will make the hair long and thick. Facial Massage Put the pumpkin oil in a bowl and massage it on the cheeks and massage it till the spots are removed.
  • For blemishes on the face: Grind lemon peels and put them in milk and apply it on the face at night before going to bed. Get rid of blemishes and blemishes. Get rid of blemishes quickly: Apply glycerin in fresh milk and apply it on the face to get rid of the skin.
  • Put salt in lukewarm water and put your feet in it. Leave it on for about 20 minutes. Then apply any cold cream. Applying petroleum jelly on the affected area for more foot wrinkles removes the wrinkles. If you also have these problems, start following these tips today.
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Share this post as much as possible so that other people can Also if you want your white hair to turn black for the rest of your life, use this tip. Apply this water the next day. Your hair will turn black.


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