Belly Fat Can Increase The Risk of COVID 19 [New Research]


Belly Fat Can Increase The Risk of COVID 19: Toxins are very difficult to digest and people who have a protruding abdomen are up to 75% more likely to have serious coronary heart disease.

This was revealed in a new medical study that showed that patients with typhoid need more care.

Research in Italy has found that excess fat around the abdomen and waist increases the risk of serious complications in patients with code 19 more than overall body fat.

In fact, oily fat not only makes cod worse, but previous research reports have found that this extra fat can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease.

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Earlier research reports had found a link between obesity and severe severity of COD 19, but little was done on the severity of COD and COD.

The new study looked at obesity as well as the abdominal and lumbar spine and body weight in a variety of ways.


For this purpose, the severity of the disease was determined by chest X-ray (CXR) of 219 patients undergoing treatment at Code 19 hospital.

The CXR score was divided into 3 lung zones and 8 scores for high intensity.

The study found that the average CXR score for obese patients was 9, while for obese people (those who do not develop anorexia nervosa) the score was 6.

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Research has shown that people with typhoid have a higher risk of lung asthma and lack of oxygen.

The researchers said that the severity of the disease could be predicted in patients with COD 19.

He said that for the treatment of such patients in the hospital, their abdominal and lumbar spine should be examined and closely monitored.


Belly Fat Can Increase The Risk of COVID 19 [New Research]


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