Benefits and Side Effects Of Eating a Banana


Benefits and Side Effects Of Eating a Banana: Constipation is a very common medical problem that affects millions of people around the world in their daily lives.

Constipation can have many causes, from poor diet to not exercising.

Some people claim that eating bananas causes constipation while some believe that this fruit cures the disease.

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If you also want to know, medical science says the following about it. Banana is rich in fiber.

Banana is the most popular fruit in the world and also beneficial for health, which contains many vitamins and minerals, one of which is fiber, ie a medium banana contains 3.1 grams of fiber.


Fiber is said to help prevent and relieve constipation.

However, there are contradictory claims by experts regarding the relief of constipation from high amounts of fiber.

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Some research reports suggest that soluble fiber helps relieve constipation, while others suggest that reducing dietary fiber intake may help prevent constipation.

According to him, increasing the use of fiber relieves constipation, the effect may vary from person to person and the type of fiber is also important.

Starch-resistant starches are complex carbohydrates that have fiber-like properties.

This starch passes through the small intestine to the large intestine where it becomes food for healthy bacteria which is good for the health and metabolism of the digestive system.

Raw bananas are almost entirely composed of this ingredient and when ripe, their amount is reduced to sugar.


This starch acts as a soluble fiber and helps relieve constipation.

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Do bananas cause constipation?

Various articles claim that bananas cause constipation, research reports do not confirm this but some people believe that this fruit can cause this disease.

Eating in moderation beneficial for digestion has a positive effect on the health of the digestive system and increases the growth of healthy bacteria in the stomach.

According to a study, eating bananas reduces problems such as bloating and stomach pain.

The result is that medical evidence suggests that bananas reduce constipation rather than cause it, and people are wrong to think that it can cause constipation, but if you think so, eat less.

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Benefits and Side Effects Of Eating a Banana

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