Benefits of Dry Fruits For Your Health (Very Important)


Benefits of Dry Fruits For Your Health: Consumption of protein-rich dried fruits is considered to be very important for health, but while its use has benefits for human overall health, there are also some disadvantages that should be included in the diet after knowing that dried fruits.

Experts recommend the use of dried fruits, special emphasis was placed on the use of dried fruits by experts during the global epidemic coronavirus, it is known that the use of dried fruits gives immunity. Strengthens and also gets rid of many diseases in advance.

Some people are vegetarians who do not like the use of meat, for such vegetarians the use of dried fruits is considered to be the best source of protein.

According to medical experts, dried fruits may not provide the same amount of protein like fruits, meat, and eggs, but the protein obtained from them is more useful because protein should be obtained from sources that are low in cholesterol and saturated fats. That’s why experts recommend getting protein from fruits and vegetables instead of animals.

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The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using various dried fruits on overall health, which will definitely improve your health after reading.


Almonds are considered to be the king of dried fruits. It is said about almonds that they should be chewed well. The effect is cooled, soak 7 to 9 nuts of almonds in water at night and eat it in the morning, it refreshes the stomach, eyes, and brain.

Eating unripe almonds causes constipation, eating bitter almonds increases the risk of eye disease, while eating bitter almonds can lead to death.



Walnuts, which resemble the human brain, contain vitamins and minerals, which not only strengthen muscles but also speed up metabolism.

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Walnuts should be eaten sparingly as it can cause sore throats and blisters in the mouth. Eat walnuts before going to bed at night instead of during the day. Drinking tea after eating walnuts can be harmful.

Chilgoza Pine

Chilgoza is good for the liver and kidneys, they do not contain cholesterol, while a small amount of Chilgoza helps to lose weight in the long run.

Always use Chilgoza after meals or you will lose your appetite. Chilgoza weighing more than 20 grams can cause pain in different parts of the head and body.

Date Fruit

The date is not only pure but also eaten in combination with other ingredients. 100 grams of dates contain 2.45 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber.

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Dates are a very sweet fruit that is why diabetics should stay away from them. Eating more than three dates at a time can raise sugar levels while it can also upset the stomach.



Raisins are a dried form of grapes, raisins are used not only in desserts but also as a dried fruit as a snack.

The use of raisins strengthens the teeth but due to its warming effect, its excessive use includes stomach upset, nausea, hemorrhage, and grains on the face.

Benefits of Dry Fruits For Your Health (Full Video)

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