Benefits Of Eating Cardamom In The Morning


Benefits Of Eating Cardamom In The Morning: Green cardamom is commonly used in homes in Asian countries, including Pakistan and India. It has numerous benefits.

Mysore’s cardamom is the best. Here are some health benefits:

What changes the body after eating cardamom and drinking hot water? It is found in almost all countries of the world.

Small cardamom has major benefits, some of which are as follows:

It eliminates acidity. Reduces drowsiness while controlling the amount of water in the stomach and prevents flatulence.

For indigestion gas and headache, add cardamom in saber tea and drink it.

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Cardamom strengthens the gastric mucosa, so it is an elixir for acidity.


Chewing also increases saliva in the mouth, which is of fundamental importance in digesting food.

Also beneficial in most types of ulcers. The following mixture is extremely useful in evaporation and ulcers.

Evaporate: Make green cardamom, fennel, “tia sher kabud india, kishneez” homogenous saffron, and use one teaspoon after each meal.

Cardamom juice is extremely useful in case of cholera and diarrhea. Cardamom is extremely useful in relieving diarrhea and weakness.

For this, prepare cardamom powder, 3 grams of Taba Sher, 3 grams of Mustagi Rumi, 3 grams, and sugar Nogram.

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Grind all these medicines and prepare a powder.

If your bad breath does not go away after a thousand attempts, use cardamom. It has anti-bacterial properties and its strong scent removes bad breath.


It improves digestion and a major cause of bad breath is digestive disorders. In addition, cardamom is also used in other medicines for mouth ulcers, mouth ulcers, diphtheria, tonsillitis, etc.

Half a teaspoon of green cardamom powder is used in the morning to change the smell of sweat into perfume.

Cardamom increases blood flow to the lungs and relieves colds, flu, coughs, and asthma, while it is also very helpful in expelling mucus.

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Eating half a teaspoon of its powder two or three times a day is beneficial in depression, stress, and other mental and psychiatric disorders.

These ingredients improve blood circulation and control blood pressure

Benefits Of Eating Cardamom In The Morning


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