Benefits of sour fruits in preventing colds and flu

You and I are well aware of the benefits of sour fruits in preventing colds and flu.

Most scientific studies have shown that eating sour-tasting fruits like lemons, oranges and grapefruits has been shown to be beneficial to human health, but a new study shows that continued consumption of sour fruits increases the risk of melanoma, the most deadly skin cancer.

From a wide-ranging study by American researchers.

“Our findings suggest that people who regularly eat grapefruit or drink plenty of orange juice are more likely to develop melanoma cancer,” the researchers said.

Maybe at risk, especially the link between sour fruit and skin cancer was stronger for those who have been exposed to the sun since childhood or spend most of their time in direct sunlight.

Warren Alpert Medical School at Bran University “At the moment, we would not advise people to reduce their consumption of sour fruits.

Benefits of sour fruits in preventing colds and flu

But those who drink orange juice and eat grapefruit often should avoid spending too much time in the sun,” said Shavayov, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Dermatology.

The researchers analyzed a dietary survey sent to 63,810 women and 41,622 men between 1984 and 2010 for the study and collect information on participants’ eating habits, health, and lifestyle.

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For one person, describe a portion of sour fruit as half a grapefruit or an orange or two One of them was made with six ounces of fruit juice.

Over a 26-year study, 1,840 or 1.7 percent of the participants were diagnosed with skin cancer.

The risk of skin cancer was not associated with eating oranges or drinking grapefruit juice.

Benefits of sour fruits

The study’s author, Dr. Shawai Wu, said the results were independent of any factors other than age, physical activity, smoking, alcohol, or vitamin C supplements. There was no effect.

He said that the effect of sour fruits was probably due to ‘phytochemicals’ (these are toxic organic compounds found in plants) that expose the skin to the sun and especially to ultraviolet rays Sensitizing.

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which increases the risk of discoloration of the face and sunburn.

According to Professor Shawayu Wu, these chemical compounds are found in proven fruits many times more than juice.

But as far When it comes to orange juice, people drink it more than any other fruit, which is why consumption of orange juice has been attributed to the risk of cancer.

Marianne Barrack, a professor of internal medicine and dermatology at the University of Mexico, cited the findings as saying that people who are at higher risk for skin cancer are advised to include more than one fruit and juice in their diet.

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