Best Exercise For Women Health! [Weight Loss Exercise]


Best Exercise For Women Health!: Experts say that women who are sedentary grow older faster, while those who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to develop diseases faster than those who are sedentary, with heart disease leading the way. ۔

According to medical experts, there is no set time for foraging, nor is there any age-related relationship.

Some people look very active and alert even at the age of 60, while some people look at the age of 40.

As you get older, your skin begins to show signs of aging, mainly due to calcium depletion and increased joint pain in women.

According to medical and nutritionists, health, longevity, and staying active are directly related to diet and staying active.

If you make yourself accustomed to a positive diet and get a little exercise on a daily basis, your life will be better. And it passes easily and old age shows its effects slowly.


Obesity is more prevalent in women, today’s women need to exercise more than in the past, it becomes very difficult for inactive women living at home or after childbirth to lose the extra weight.

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What should women do to get rid of the root cause of obesity?

According to experts, women can reduce their calories by doing household chores, but it can never be considered as an alternative to exercising because exercise has its own importance and has many benefits.

During exercise, a person’s breathing and heart rate increase more than normal, body temperature also rises and sweating is good, so women who exercise daily not only avoid obesity, but they are chronic and incurable.

They also stay away from diseases.

There is also a common misconception among women that they exercise all day long during household chores, so it is not necessary to set aside time for exercise.

Doing housework yourself is also a good physical exercise.

Sitting on the floor and sweeping and sweating not only burns calories but also makes the stomach move faster. Housework requires more effort than sweeping. No, so it is important to exercise.


The benefits of exercise on the body

The food that is eaten throughout the day accumulates in the form of calories, calories are consumed due to being active but due to inactivity these calories take the form of fat and start clotting.

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According to medical experts, there are two major reasons for the increase in the number of diseases, one is dietary malpractice and the other is a comfortable lifestyle in which physical activity is significantly reduced, increasing physical activity reduces the incidence of disease. ۔

Exercise also maintains heart health and increases the body’s ability to absorb oxygen.

How to make an exercise routine?

To add exercise to your life, set aside two to three days of exercise in the first week, then gradually come to five to six days and make it a habit to exercise daily.

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What are the best exercises for women?

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope causes rapid weight loss, jumping rope is considered to be the best exercise for women to lose weight and become smoother, jump in the air with the help of a rope, this exercise strengthens bones and muscles.


Weight loss will be followed by fatigue & constant tiredness.

Jumping Rope

Jumping Pushups

This is an exercise in which you sit on your toes after standing up and then do a push-up and sit on your toes again and jump while standing. This exercise burns 500 calories in ten minutes.

Best Exercises for Women


Jack Knife

To do this exercise, lie down on your back and then lift your legs and arms at the same time and touch your feet with your hands.


This exercise can burn 200 kg in 20 minutes.

Best Exercises for Women kk


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