Best Foods that strengthen the immune system to fight the coronavirus


Best Foods that strengthen the immune system to fight the coronavirus: The epidemic of the new novel coronavirus is spreading very fast all over the world and you may be wondering how to keep yourself healthy in this situation?

Is there anything magical that can save you from this?

So first of all, despite the numerous claims on the internet and social media, there is no magic pill that can strengthen the immune system and provide protection against the coronavirus.

But the good news is that there are a number of sources that can help keep the immune system functioning properly, which can help you stay healthy and help the body fight off the coronavirus.

These include proper hand hygiene, good nutrition, physical activity, meditation, good sleep and stress control. There is no denying the importance of diet for strengthening the immune system and using a few nutrients can be helpful.

Carrot and apricot Beta-carotene-rich beta-carotene are converted into vitamin A in the body, which is an essential component for a strong immune system.

It helps in the reaction of antibodies against toxic & foreign substances. Good sources of beta carotene include yams, carrots, mangoes, apricots, spinach, and sweet pumpkins.

Which helps the human body determine what kind of protection it needs. According to some research reports, a high intake of vitamin C can slightly reduce the duration of seasonal colds.


It requires 200 mg of vitamin C dai & can be taken with malt, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberry, capsicum, green pepper, etc.

Eggs and Cheese Vitamin D for Vitamin D regulate the process of making a protein that kills infectious agents including bacteria and viruses.

Vitamin D also alters the amount & activity of white blood cells, which helps reduce the spread of bacteria & viruses.

Vitamin D deficiency weakens the immune system, which increases the risk of viral infections and can infect upper respiratory tract infections.

According to a researcher, vitamin D supplements can also protect against respiratory infections, but it can also be made from fatty fish, eggs, fortified milk & cheese.

Zinc for seeds, nuts and seafood Zinc is a nutrient that helps develop the immune system. One study found that zinc supplements could reduce the duration of seasonal flu symptoms, but also stressed the need for more research.


To achieve this, seeds, lentils, pulses, nuts, flour husks, chicken and yogurt can be used.

Proteins for milk, eggs and nuts are the key to building blocks of the immune system and help the immune system to function.

Protein can be obtained from meat and plant sources such as fish, chicken, beef, milk, yogurt, eggs, nuts, seeds and pulses.

Probiotics and banana probiotics for banana probiotics improve the health of the bacteria in the stomach that support the immune system.

Yogurt and cheese can be used for this purpose. Bananas are also a good source. Cereals, onions, garlic and seeds are also useful.

Keep in mind that all of these foods may not be helpful for coronavirus, but they are definitely good for the health of the immune system.

Don’t forget the water. Yes, even slight dehydration is enough to increase stress on the body. Drink more water and eat more water-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and soups.



Best Foods that strengthen the immune system to fight the coronavirus

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