Black Lines In Nails Can Be Symptoms Of COVID 19?


Black Lines In Nails Can Be Symptoms Of COVID 19?: Strange marks on the nails may be a sign of being infected with the coronavirus some time ago.

This claim was made by a well-known scientist from Britain.

Tim Spector, a professor at King’s College London, said people with coronavirus may develop horizontal lines on their fingernails and toenails within a few months of recovery.

Professor Tim Spector is leading a team investigating the symptoms of the world’s largest coronavirus.

He said that he has received reports from several people in the Zoe COVID Symptom Study app.

This tracker is used by more than 4 million people worldwide.


Professor Tim said that such effects on the nails are not uncommon because it occurs in other diseases as well.

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Experts believe that the stress created during a fight against a disease causes such lines on the nails.

Nails do not grow during this period, and according to Professor Tim, the sign indicates an event like a tree.

Dr. Tania Baker, president of the British Association of Dermatologists, said dermatologists had seen horizontal lines in the nails of COVID 19 patients.

“Sometimes it’s in all the nails and sometimes it’s only in the toes,” he said.

According to experts, such lines are not harmful in themselves and usually appear several months after the disease.

Earlier, in August 2020, experts suggested that red and moon-like lines on the nails also point to the coronavirus.


Professor Tim Spector said it was not clear if the changes in the nails were related to the severity of the disease.

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In general, the higher the severity of the disease in other diseases, the more likely it is that the nails will be scarred.

Professor Tim said that the changes in the nails may be an indication of the seriousness of COVID 19, but it is difficult to say for sure.

He explained that if the changes in the nails were a sign of having been infected with Corona in the past, it could help determine if people had been infected in the past.

That is people who do not have symptoms of the disease and do not need to be tested.

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He said that if there were such lines in the nails of many patients without symptoms, it would be a cheap alternative to the antibody test, people would just need to look at their own nails.


Black Lines In Nails Can Be Symptoms Of COVID 19?


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