Can carrots really Improve the eyesight?


Carrots are usually eaten with gusto and even our elders advise us to eat carrots.

But now people eat it more as a food flavour because it is a common belief that carrots and adult talk about eyesight are just sayings.

If that’s what you think, then what do nutritionists and researchers say about carrots?

According to research by German expert Landiboom GA on “Historical Milestone in the Treatment of Night Blindness”:

Carrots also have the ability to eliminate it, because vision loss is caused by a deficiency of vitamin A or other cotinine vitamins in the body,.


And carrots contain the most vitamin A, which is why carrots can improve eyesight.

Carrots contain an important antioxidant, lutein, which helps to strengthen the retina and retinal membranes and improve vision, as well as to eliminate diseases such as glaucoma.


Expert research shows that the use of carrots is the most helpful in sharpening the eyesight.

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Now the question is how to use it for eyesight?


Drinking carrot juice will also improve your poor eyesight and it will also help reduce other health problems such as cancer, stroke, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, immunity, weight loss and cholesterol.

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