Can Green Tea Help To Fight With COVID 19?

Can Green Tea Help To Fight With COVID 19?: Most people are aware of the benefits of green tea, from helping weight loss to reducing the risk of heart disease, this hot drink is good for health.

But does enjoying green tea also help fight COVID 19? A new study suggests that this may be possible.

The claim was made in a medical study in Sweden.

The study by Swansea University found that green tea can help fight COVID 19.

Research has shown that a compound in green tea, gallocatechin, could potentially help develop a drug that can compete with COVID 19.

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The researchers examined the extent to which green tea could help in the development of a drug to compete with COVID 19.

The researchers said that nature’s oldest pharmacy is a treasure trove of medicines and our question was whether any one of these compounds could help fight the epidemic of COVID 19.

For this purpose, the researchers examined natural compounds that IA technology had previously declared effective against other coronaviruses.

“Our discovery suggests that a compound in green tea is capable of fighting the coronavirus that causes COVID 19,” he said.

He said the research is still in its early stages and much work needs to be done for any kind of clinical application.

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“The compound described by our model is gallocatechin and is already readily available and inexpensive, so further research is needed to find out if it really is a cure or how to prevent COVID 19,” he said. Safe and effective for prevention or not.

He added that this is an initial step, but that it could go a long way in preventing the devastating COVID 19 epidemic.

According to researchers, the results indicate that natural products are still important in fighting epidemics.

They are now planning pre-clinical and clinical research.

The results of the study were published in the medical journal RCS Advances.

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