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Cell Phone Effects: Is Your Smartphone Dangerous For Your Health?

It’s 12 o’clock and now you have to get ready for bed, but you pick up the phone and start scrolling on social media.

They go out for a walk during the day, but instead of paying attention to their surroundings, they are constantly busy on their phones.

In simple words, it is impossible for you to lift your eyes from the phone. If so, you are not alone, millions of people do, but you know what the consequences are?

Cell Phone Effects
Cell Phone Effects

Yes, phones are now a part of our daily lives, but how does the information we receive constantly affect our mental health?

Experts say that the price of being busy with text alerts and constant social media has to be paid mentally and emotionally.

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In fact, it would be better to try to reduce the duration of the phone in your daily routine.

How do our phones increase stress?

According to Yamales Diaz, a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Youth at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine, 2020 will see an unusual combination of stress in people of all ages.

According to him, the epidemic of code 9 is now disrupting daily life with which other factors have increased the tension.

There are Many Cell phone effects on health,  Phones and other devices are adding to the tension in a number of ways, he said.

“Stress-causing hormones, such as cortisol, are triggered when we feel threatened in a situation around us, to prepare us for a risk response, but stress information makes the system more dynamic and longer-lasting,” he said. Stays active

Psychologist Maria Morvatides also expressed similar views, saying that the constant flow of news increases stress and anxiety.

“Digital devices really keep our minds alert at all times, which in turn leads to a decline in mental abilities,” he said.

“Social media uniquely increases anxiety because it forces us to compare ourselves with others, which in turn increases the feeling of depression,” he added.

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He explained that constant social media and news updates create a sense of pressure within us to do something exciting or interesting, in order to get as many likes as possible. Gets used to

As a result, it is very difficult for us to stay calm, like when the phone is near at dinner, we are anxious about what is being done to us in the new alerts, to be calm for the mind when we go to sleep It is difficult because we are watching the current news on Twitter.

This affects sleep patterns and increases the level of depression and anxiety, which in turn affects daily activities.

How to control this stress and anxiety?

According to experts, technology is a tool, it is up to us how we interact with technology, phones and alerts are activators, it is up to you to choose.

He said there was growing evidence that zooming video conferencing platforms increased mental fatigue for a variety of reasons.

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So how to deal with it?

First of all, the overall use of technology should be reduced. In our day-to-day activities, we do not need a phone for every task.

Instead of reading a book or scrolling through social media or websites, call a friend or loved one on the phone.

Experts also suggest that notifications from social media and email accounts should be turned off.

If you use these platforms, try to avoid arguing with people online.

It’s also a good idea to set a time to use email or Facebook on the phone, especially one hour before bed, and avoid phone and technology.

They also recommend cleaning up social media feeds and following pages and people who provide more fun events and updates.

He said,  it was also important to know what things on the phone are affected by stress levels, what kind of details or announcements increase stress so that they can be avoided in the future.

If for some reason you get upset or irritated while using the phone, it is best to put it aside and take a short walk.

Is Your Smartphone dangerous for Your Health?

Cell phone effects on health

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