Control Blood Pressure With Cocoa Seeds [Updated 2023]

A recent study conducted on a limited scale by British experts has shown that the use of cocoa seeds or powder obtained from natural herbs can help control blood pressure and reduce the stiffness of arteries.

Cacao seeds or powder are commonly used in chocolate, coffee, tea leaves, ice cream, beverages, and even medicines.

It is also called cacao or cacao, but usually called cocoa, it is the edible seeds of a rare tree, which are heated in the heat of the sun to obtain cocoa powder or these seeds are ground by modern machinery.

It is converted into powder and used in foods including medicines.

Cocoa contains more than 300 compounds and has antioxidant properties, vitamin K, E, protein, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium that are essential for human health. They are considered better in many respects.

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This is the reason why British experts tried to re-investigate the properties of cocoa to find out what effects it has on blood pressure, including cardiovascular diseases.

According to ‘Healthline‘, an experiment was conducted by British experts on limited volunteers, in which about a dozen people were divided into two groups, one was given ‘cocoa’ while the other group was given artificial capsules and all Individuals were checked up several times a day for a few weeks.

The experts checked the volunteers three hours after feeding and then every hour after that, and gave the volunteers access to these tests as well. Experts monitored the heart rate, blood pressure, and arterial conditions of the volunteers and found that those who took cocoa had normal blood pressure and less stiffness in their arteries.

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Experts concluded that eating foods with a good amount of ‘cocoa’ keeps blood pressure under control, as well as reduces the stiffness of the arteries.

At the same time, experts said that for a person whose blood pressure is already under control or low, eating foods containing ‘cocoa’ can further lower blood pressure and cause problems with it.

Experts also called for more research on the consumption of cocoa-containing foods and their link to blood pressure and heart disease.

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