Dangerous Disadvantages of Electronic Cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes are ten times more dangerous than regular cigarettes, however, the impression is given that they can quit traditional smoking, is that really the case?

Learn the important speech of the expert professor of Shah Saud University.

Talking to a correspondent of Saudi News Agency SPA, Dr. Ahmed Salem, Professor of Chest and Respiratory Diseases at Shah Saud University, said that about 5,000 types of e-cigarettes are in use at present while more than 7,000 types of e-cigarettes are in use. Flavors are also available in the market.

Dr. Ahmed Salem said that e-cigarette manufacturers are promoting their business to the youth by saying that there is no harm in using them, their claim that e-cigarettes are addictive to traditional cigarettes is wrong.

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Redemption can be obtained.

Dr. Ahmed Salem pointed out that the claim about e-cigarettes that their use helps to quit traditional cigarettes is wrong, because “there is no scientific evidence in favor of those who make these claims.”

That they are making such statements on the basis of observational studies.


The main purpose is to make money just by using e-cigarettes.

Dr. Ahmed Salem, a professor of chest and respiratory diseases at Shah Saud University, said the Medical Research and National Health Council in Australia and the World Health Organization agreed that e-cigarette users were addicted to tobacco.

That is, nicotine-free e-smoking and the artificial flavors in it have a detrimental effect on the heart and respiratory system.

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And they produce harmful toxins, while e-cigarettes have the same disadvantages as traditional smokers.

According to Japanese medical experts, electronic cigarettes are ten times more dangerous than regular cigarettes because the carcinogens in them are ten times more dangerous than regular cigarettes, which can kill cancer.

It becomes a means of production in the body.


The World Health Organization has identified electronic cigarettes as a serious threat to young people.


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