Best Suggestions For Diabetic Patients [2023]

Diabetic patients must take appropriate precautions during Sehri and Iftar in Ramadan and use late digested foods in Sehri, whereas under normal circumstances, diabetics are less prone to Sehri.

Can use fried paratha and egg yolk.

Similarly, the use of homemade meals and fiber-rich foods can be beneficial for people with diabetes, while pregnant women with diabetes should follow the advice of physicians suffering from depression and kidney disease.

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May you receive the blessings of this holy month.

These views were expressed by Dr. Tahir Siddique, Professor of Medicine, Lahore General Hospital, Dr. Mohammad Maqsood, Assistant Professor, Dr. Laila Shafiq, Gynecologist, Dr. Shahid Mayo, Former AMSPINS and Dr. Rana Mohammad Shafiq, Retired Director Emergency LGH.

He said that taking insulin does not break the fast, but it should be broken when the sugar level falls below 60 so that human life is not endangered.

Medical experts say unhealthy foods, fried foods, carbohydrates, fatty foods and excessive consumption of cold and sweet drinks can be extremely harmful to diabetics.

Experts suggest that during Ramadan Use fresh fruits, vegetables, and yogurt in your diet so that only two dates are eaten during Iftar.

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He added that similar precautions are necessary for diabetes as well as hypoglycemia and sugar in general.

The amount is much lower in people who do not eat well at night and do not eat sehri.

Medical experts say that if the balance between sehri and iftar is maintained, diabetics can enjoy fasting this month and take care of their health as well as religious duties, according to new research.

I have 250 mg of cholesterol, it is very important for diabetics to do sehri, just taking medicine and skipping meals can be dangerous, abnormal exertion during fasting lowers blood sugar levels so the month of Ramadan In order to receive the blessings of the Qur’an, diabetics should eat food that makes them feel full for a long time.

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It is important to observe the fast of Ramadan safely. Be considered and avoid complications during fasting.

He added that diabetics should follow special instructions during Iftar like Sehri and should not overeat instead of eating at intervals as these habits lead to uncontrolled blood glucose and sugar levels.

He also stressed the need for individual planning and care according to each patient’s personal symptoms to avoid complications.

Best Suggestions For Diabetic Patients In Ramadan [Full Video]

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