Do You Eat French Fries? | Please Don’t Eat, It Is Very Dangerous For You


Do You Eat French Fries? | Please Don’t Eat, It Is Very Dangerous For You: Nowadays, whether it is young or middle-aged people, what is the point of having samosas with evening tea, then who doesn’t like to eat fritters and french fries?

Whether the weather is good or a guest comes to the house, we immediately order samosas. Some people even make fritters at home.

Are french fries good for our health?

Medical experts warn that eating other fried foods, including french fries, samosas, and fritters, increases the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Research published in the journal Heart says that fried foods increase the risk of coronary heart disease, leading to heart attacks and strokes.

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Experts say that fried foods absorb fat. Which increases calories. However, trans fats are used in fried foods available in the market.

Trans fats are used to enhance the taste of foods, while trans fats are also found in biscuits and many other items available in bakeries, which are good for human health.


According to research, fried foods increase the risk of stroke by 28%, heart disease by 22%, and heart attack by 37%.

And if a person consumes an average of 114 grams of these foods every week, the risk of heart failure increases by 12%, heart disease by 2%, and heart attack and stroke by 3%.

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