Do you want to stay healthy even in old age?


You may have seen many old people who live a very healthy and fit life despite their old age.

Scientists have unveiled the secrets of great health and longevity in old age and have given a tip that you can use to make your old age glorious and healthy as well as increase your age.

If you want to stay healthy even in old age, stop eating this thing at the age of 30, scientists have revealed the secret of longevity.

In a report by a foreign news agency, scientists at the University of Southampton have revealed in their research that People who stop eating junk food at the age of 30 live a healthy and active life even at the age of 60.

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According to research, increasing the intake of high-fat and marketed foods and plant-derived foods leads to healthier health and longevity.

According to Sean Robinson, head of the scientists’ research team and professor at the University of Southampton, middle-aged people.

Those who consume olive oil instead of butter and include fruits and vegetables in their diet instead of meat are more likely to be healthy.


No need, they ؒ live healthily and fit like young people even in their old age.

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