Double Bread In Breakfast Is The Cause of Asthma


Double Bread In Breakfast Is The Cause of Asthma: As the pace of life increased with time, the man also began to use hasty food and drink items that were not only quick to prepare but also easy to eat and prepare

This is why Double bread or white bread was introduced as a substitute for paratha for breakfast, which is lightweight due to lack of fat and also ready quickly, so it is necessary to have double bread at breakfast at each table.

Blended – Generally, we all believe that flour, flour, baking powder is used in the preparation of white bread or double bread, it contains sugar, salt, etc.

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for flavor and any of them, It is also not dangerous to health – but in recent days a book called RICH FOOD PURE FOOD has come out which clearly states that in order to maintain the white color of double bread and make it last longer.

A chemical azide carbon amide that can be red, orange, or yellow is used to keep it fresh.

Also known as E927 – the use of this chemical has been banned worldwide due to its harmful effects.

In addition, sulfur dioxide has been used in place of this chemical in double bread.


According to the World Health Organization, daily use of this chemical can cause asthma and can also cause a variety of allergies in the body.

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Its use in food and beverages is strictly forbidden.

in addition, it weakens the human immune system and makes it prone to diseases – it can cause heat when heated. It then emits a variety of toxic substances.

Due to these dangerous effects of this chemical, the use of this chemical in double bread has been banned in Australia and the United States.

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