Drinking Milk Reduce The Risk Of Heart Diseases


Drinking Milk Reduce The Risk Of Heart Diseases: If you want to keep your heart healthy with age, make it a habit to drink milk.

Yes, the habit of drinking milk is very good for the heart.

This was revealed in a new medical study.

A joint study by the University of Reading, the University of South Australia, and the University of Auckland found that people who like to drink milk have lower blood cholesterol levels and a lower risk of heart disease.

The study looked at data from around two million adults in the UK.

Drinking Milk Reduce The Risk Of Heart Diseases
Drinking Milk Reduce The Risk Of Heart Diseases

The study, using genetic technology, found that people who drank milk may be overweight but have lower levels of good and bad cholesterol, while the risk of coronary heart disease is up to 14%. Decreases.


Research has shown that although milk is high in fat, it does not increase the risk of heart disease, as other foods increase the risk of red meat.

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Researchers say that milk should be included in foods that are good for heart health. Of course, body weight and fat can be increased, but apparently, the fat in milk can potentially lower cholesterol levels. Nothing concrete can be said from.

One possible explanation, he said, is that high levels of calcium and lactose in milk alter the body’s metabolism of fats.

He added that drinking milk also has a positive effect on the bacteria in the stomach, which could potentially affect the process of processing cholesterol.

He said further research is needed to understand how milk plays a role in reducing the risk of any disease.

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However, this milk and its products should be included in a healthy diet because it contains important nutrients, including protein and calcium.


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