Easy Ways to Lose Belly Fat You May Have Tried


Friends, I am going to share with you a syrup that reduces obesity. It is a wonderful thing. It is a very cheap and very useful thing. it’s best to Lose Belly Fat within weak.

If you are very tired of obesity, your belly fat is not completely depleted. This prescription is very important for you. There is only one thing in this prescription and the same thing is used to make syrup.

You have to drink it to make your stomach very flat, so be sure to read this prescription till the end.

Brothers and sisters, most of the time people are not able to do any work, any sport or any hobby because of their obesity because they gain a lot of weight.

What I am going to tell you today is not only about your stomach. Will eliminate fat but will also eliminate whole body fat.

The first thing that is being added in this recipe is that there are seeds of Malanga. Put a spoon of Tolanga in a glass of water before going to bed at night and cover it and swell it.

You will see that the seeds of Tukh Malanga will bloom. You can add jaggery to it. Do not add sugar and sugar but also leave the Jaggery. You have to mix it well and drink it. I say you.

This is the main enemy of your obesity. It eliminates fat as it is right. You have to drink a full glass of it.

It is very useful, not only for you. The fat will be eliminated but also the colour of your face will be clear.

Green Tea Most people say we drink green tea but it is not useful. I would explain why it is not effective.

The effect is not because you also add sugar to it. When you add sugar to green tea. If you give it, it will make you more obese. Friends, use sugar green tea without what I want to say.

It is very beneficial for your stomach loss. There are many other benefits of using it in this way. If you like today’s recipe, please like and share it.

Easy Ways to Lose Belly Fat You may have tried many ways to get rid of excess fat but below we will tell you some natural ways to use which will help you a lot.

The use of garlic to reduce belly fat regulates the amount of sugar and insulin in the body and the excess fat in the body is available for energy and thus it is possible to get rid of excess belly fat.




Fast Weight loss with Tukh Malanga (5kg in 7 Days) Lose Fat with Basil Seeds – Chia Seeds Urdu Hindi

To reduce belly fat, put a teaspoon of mint, a teaspoon of honey, a few peppers and mint in a pot and boil it for five minutes and then strain it and drink this coffee.

Mint cures all gastrointestinal ailments while honey and pepper will eliminate excess belly fat.

Apple to reduce belly fat This apple has the property that it makes your stomach feel full while the potassium and other vitamins in it are extremely beneficial for your health.


If you want to get rid of excess belly fat, you must eat an apple for breakfast.

Like apples, bananas also contain potassium and vitamins to reduce belly fat. Using it can also help you get rid of fast food habits and get rid of excess fat.

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