Energy Drinks Are Dangerous For Health?


Experts warn that two energy drinks a day can lead to heart disease in healthy young people.

They were brought in out of panic and confessed to drinking energy drinks several times a day. Energy Drinks are Dangerous For Health?

Experts from the University of Adelaide, who are working on the study, say there is a direct link between energy drinks and cardiovascular disease.

  • Had drunk energy drinks at some point in his life.
  • According to experts, 8 of these patients consumed excessive energy drinks.
  • Which are more than 5 drinks daily while one patient drank 12 energy drinks daily.
  • According to experts, people who drank more energy drinks were just as impressed.
  • Energy drinks are being consumed in large quantities all over the world and are especially popular among the youth and are said to be the source of energy and agility.
  • But now experts agree that energy drinks are extremely dangerous to health and are causing heart disease and diabetes.
  • Energy drinks contain many ingredients other than caffeine. In addition, large amounts of sugar and natural herbal ingredients are added.
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Energy Drinks are Dangerous For Health?


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