Exercise is Better Than Dieting For Weight Loss

American experts say that if you are obese and want to reduce your weight, then you are regularly better than being physically labor and exercise, better than dating.

It is said in a report published online in the Arizona State University Glen and the University of Virginia, the Research Journal “I Science”.

Various investigations in the United States have been reviewed in relation to obesity, diseases, and respiratory diseases in the preparation of this analytical report (Review Article).

Analysis was found that only the efforts to reduce the weight and efforts to lose weight,

while apparently obese, people who regularly exercise and physical, are internally healthy;

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Those who are especially reduced to heart, diseases and respiratory diseases.

It is clear that today medical experts around the world differ from obesity.

A class of experts says that “Chubby” by weight loss is a severe threat to heart and respiratory diseases.

On the contrary, the other class of experts insists that it is not too thick or slim, but more importantly, how much physical work is doing daily (such as exercise, walking, etc.).

Meaning that “normal” weighty people can also be suffering from diseases and respiratory (heart and respiratory diseases),

while daily fairs pedestrians or regular standard exercises “Chubby” people also This risk can be very low.

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This analysis has also been done in the context, which shows that people who work to lose weight are more successful than just those who are able to reduce weight through dating.

This analysis also confirmed that “apparently obesity” people who ban physical labor, are internally healthy.

After this analysis, experts have emphasized that first of all, we need to describe the “obesity” and better concerns and risks,

while more attention to obesity/weight loss exercise, walk And the other way should be on the other hand, because the role of digitization is particularly less.

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