Favorite Food Diet is Good Or Bad For Weight Loss


Favorite Food Diet is Good Or Bad For Weight Loss: Eating your favorite food during the ongoing diet to lose weight is called ‘chat mail’, while the day when you leave dieting and use your favorite food without hesitation is called ‘chat day’.

Experts say that it is not only important to know what is being eaten in the chat mail, but it is also important to know what is being eaten and what is the best time.

According to medical and nutritionists, every person should diet for weight loss and active living.

Dieting is a process of eating and drinking in which a person chooses only positive and good food and avoids harmful health foods and beverages. Keeps away

Positive foods include fruits, vegetables, and their smoothies, soups, and salads that no one likes to taste and everyone is looking forward to Chat Day to eat their favorite food.

Chat days and chat mails are considered positive by nutritionists. It is not a positive habit to completely turn away from your favorite foods while dieting.

Doing so increases anger and appetite-related to food, experts say.


He says that there should be a chat day one day in a week, because of chat day a person feels calm and satisfied and in the coming week he is mentally ready for dieting again.

What’s the best time to have a chat on Chat Day?

Favorite Food Diet is Good Or Bad For Weight Loss
Favorite Food Diet is Good Or Bad For Weight Loss

According to nutritionists, the day you decide to celebrate Chat Day today and eat the food of your choice on a full stomach, then choose to have a chat in the morning.

According to experts, the scientific name of this process is ‘Corona Biology’.

Chat in the evening can be more expensive than in the morning, the human body burns twice as many calories from food in the morning as in the evening.

Food eaten in the morning speeds up digestion and burns calories, while in the evening, poultry, sweets, fast food, and snacks are digested slowly and calories are stored in the body instead of being burned.

Favorite Food Diet is Good Or Bad For Weight Loss


Best Foods For Dieting

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. If you pay close attention to yourself, you can lose weight easily.

First of all, you should pay attention to your diet. Adding them to your routine can help you lose weight faster


If you use yogurt for breakfast, then yogurt is full of protein. In addition, calcium and vitamin D are also found in yogurt in the best amount.

In addition, yogurt is rich in bacteria. Which are very good for your body and are useful for the good health of your body.

Anyone who uses yogurt for breakfast daily will have the best digestion.

Whatever he eats, his stomach is healthy.


Will be able to digest properly If you include yogurt in your breakfast, where you get a lot of benefits and proteins, you will also get calcium, vitamins, and all these things together help to melt your belly fat.

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Therefore, those who have become obese and have become obese, especially those who have an enlarged stomach and have developed bloating, should use yogurt for breakfast daily, so insha’Allah they will reduce their bloating in a short time.


Lemons belong to the malt family. Lemons are rich in vitamin C. Lemons not only speed up metabolism but also strengthen the immune system.

Lemons protect against diseases as well as improve metabolic processes which are fatty. Burns also speeds up the process.

Favorite Food Diet is Good Or Bad For Weight Loss

A person who consumes one lemon a day for a year, his metabolism rate can never below, so obese people should consume one lemon a day, whether in curry or in lemon water.

But don’t use too much salt and sugar in lemon water. Warney will do more harm than good. Using lemons in lukewarm water is more beneficial.



Barley porridge is very helpful in weight loss where it gives you nutrition.

If you use barley porridge for breakfast, it will keep you energized and at the same time, you will lose weight fast. Will be able to


Pulses are generally considered modest but they are rich in nutrients. Pulses are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Pulses are also very useful for heart health and also in pulses.

There are nutrients that your body needs to lose weight, so if you include pulses in your daily diet, they are very useful in losing weight.


You can make soup at home for very little money. You can even make tomato and lentil soup. Fifteen minutes before a meal, using soup reduces your appetite.

Soup has very few calories and is also good for health. This way you can lose weight fast by reducing your food intake.



Favorite Food Diet is Good Or Bad For Weight Loss

Berries are rich in antioxidants. They help a lot in weight loss. In addition, they are also rich in vitamin C. Strawberries, berries and falsa are also varieties of berries and are called local berries.

Use berries or strawberries, they will benefit you as much as blueberries.


Potatoes You may have heard that weight gain is true, but in case you eat fried potatoes and chips and french fries, if you eat potatoes cooked in a pot or deep-fried or Don’t eat fried potatoes.

Potatoes are a healthy food if you eat them in soups. They contain a good amount of vitamin B6 and iron which are very helpful in reducing your weight.


Eating two boiled eggs a day can help you lose a lot of weight, but how do you know that eating eggs raises cholesterol and cholesterol raises your weight?

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Cholesterol is involved in various diseases. Even if people take out the egg yolk, they only use the white part of it, but on the contrary, you should eat the whole egg, not a single part of it.


Good cholesterol is found in the egg. It is very good for the health of the body.

If the level of cholesterol in your body is high, it will also help you to lose weight.

In addition, eggs contain all the nutrients that increase the amount of metabolism. It helps you lose weight faster


In the case of fish, we think that the fish is very hot and should be used only in winter, but there is no such thing. Yes, it is quite true that fish is hot.

But you should only use it in winter. It is absolutely wrong. You can also use fish in summer.

Fish is full of minerals. Eating it speeds up your metabolism and it is said that eating fish helps you.


The fat accumulated on the abdomen melts quickly and it is a good idea to include fish in your diet no matter what the season. It is very helpful in losing weight.


Pulses are a blessing of Allah Almighty but we make fruits very bad for ourselves when we take out fruit juices etc.

and above all the fact that fruit juices are very healthy for us even more Mothers to make their children use fruit juice.

It is more beneficial to use the whole copra instead of juice.

The whole fruit has fiber and the peel of the fruit which is thrown out of the juice has a lot of nutrients.

When you squeeze out the juice, all the nutrients in the beans are lost and only the fruit water and flavor of the fruit and some nutrients are left.


Juices have a lot of calories and are low in nutrients compared to those calories, so drinking juice makes you fat. Fruits are much more beneficial if you consume them.

Use fruits instead, especially fruits from the Orange family. It is very effective in reducing weight. They are helpful


Butter U Desi Ghee Whenever you talk about losing weight, you are strictly forbidden to use them as they make you gain weight and make you fat, but this is not true at all.

If you use butter or a little ghee for breakfast, they contain a lot of nutrients.

In addition, they contain good fats that reduce your fat intake and increase your metabolism.

If you use them in a certain amount, they will not make you gain weight at all. If you use them indiscriminately, they will make you gain weight.


Dried Fruits

It is generally believed that if you are overweight and you want to lose weight, you should not consume dried fruits, which is totally wrong.

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Dried fruits, minerals, vitamins, and especially They are rich in oils.

If you use dried fruits while losing weight, the oils in dried fruits do not cause dryness in your body and keep the prescribed amount of metabolism low.

A handful of dried fruits. Be sure to use dried fruit as it will help you lose weight


  • If you want to lose weight, do all the things. Exercise, diet, use all the things mentioned above.
  • You will not have anything to lose weight unless you consume more water.
  • Don’t Do Water Water speeds up the metabolism. In addition, you will have water in your body.
  • Only then will your body be able to melt fat.
  • If you do not have enough water in your body, you will not melt fat.
  • Will diet but the fat will be there.
  • Also, when you exercise and diet, the body produces toxins and needs water to get these toxins out of the body.
  • People who want to lose weight must consume plenty of water. Drink 12 to 16 glasses of water.
  • You cannot lose weight without it.


Bananas are rich in potassium. If you use more bananas, they will increase your weight, but if you use one or two bananas a day, they will speed up your metabolism.

Muscles that are damaged can also be corrected with the use of bananas as they contain potassium which is very important for your muscles and uses nails when you exercise to lose weight.


These exercises help to recover from muscle breakdowns and make you healthier. In addition, nails contain compounds that help you lose weight.

Green Vegetables

Everyone knows how good vegetables are for health, but did you know that you are losing weight, dieting, and not eating green vegetables with exercise, you can harm your body?

Research has shown that green vegetables can reduce your exercise or dieting output or double the results.

If you want to lose weight, it will not only get rid of toxins in your body but you It will give fiber to the stomach and prevent constipation, etc.

In addition, vegetables contain vitamins and minerals which are very important to take during dieting and exercise.

If you want to lose weight, it is not a healthy way.


If you ruin your skin by dieting and exercising or destroy your body, then the process of pus starts in the muscles or destroys the metabolism rate.

If you don’t want that, then make green vegetables a part of your daily routine.

Then you see how well and healthy you lose weight. These are the foods that help you lose weight.

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