Foods That Can Weaken Your Immune System In Summer

Foods That Can Weaken Your Immune System In Summer: Most people suffer from headaches, dehydration, and other serious illnesses in hot weather but by dieting, we can potentially avoid these illnesses.

According to a study published by medical experts, these diseases are transmitted to us through air and water in summer, but if we are careful, there is no danger.

We can avoid these diseases by making some adjustments to our diet. Some special items are included.

There are Some Foods That Can Weaken Your Immune System In Summer

Skip hot drinks

We often start our day with hot drinks such as tea and coffee, their use in summer causes an increase in body temperature.

While dehydration can occur, we should use green tea or iced coffee as an alternative in hot weather, which can help maintain good health.

Greasy products

Fatty foods include fast food or fried foods that are unhealthy for other seasons, including summer. These foods also have the power to raise body temperature.

Dairy products

As the weather warms, a person’s body temperature naturally rises. Consumption of dairy products, including yogurt, cheese, and butter, can have negative effects.

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Don’t eat dried fruit

Never use dried fruits in the summer, including dates, raisins, and apricots. These fruits are good for our health but can be harmful to body temperature in hot weather. It can also cause itching and stress.

Disadvantages of spices

We usually use spices like cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, and cloves in our food. They enhance the flavor and aroma of food but can be dangerous for you in the heat.

Experts recommend adding a limited amount of food in a balanced way by adding cold spices such as cumin and organic mint.

Avoid roast meat

Roast meat is also called tandoori meat which is cooked at high temperatures.

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The heat of the season and the meat from above together have a serious effect on the human body temperature, there is also a risk of cancer. What is a salty roast?

Artificial food items

If you want to avoid fatigue, bloating and frustration in summer, stop using artificial foods, especially sauces and salads. These are called processed foods.

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