Foods That The Cause Of Diabetes [New Research]


Foods That The Cause Of Diabetes [New Research]: Poor quality and an unbalanced diet are causing diabetes in the citizens. Misuse of biryani and cold drinks is also a big reason.

Health experts say that it is beneficial to exercise, including changing eating habits to prevent diabetes. 26% of Pakistan’s adult population currently suffers from diabetes.

Experts say that if we do not change the way of life immediately, in the next few years, Pakistan will be one of the few countries in the world in terms of the number of people with disabilities.

Health experts warn that excessive consumption of carbohydrates in the daily diet, not just biryani and rice, is harmful. The body also needs vitamins.

Medical Advisor Dr. Sabin Mohi-ud-Din while talking to Hum News said that there are two types of carbohydrates, one simple and one complex.

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“The samples should be ignored and some of the chemicals that can be taken should be included in our diet,” he said.

Health experts say eating habits need to be changed to prevent dangerous diseases. It is important to exercise with a balanced diet.

Dr. Sabin Mohi-ud-Din added that simple carbohydrates are absorbed by the body immediately.

“What we’re taking in junk food, in cold drinks, in pizza, in fast food, it increases appetite and makes us gain weight,” he said.

According to experts, diabetes is a sweet but dangerous disease that destroys the human body from within. Unfortunately, millions of people in Pakistan are unaware of their disease despite having diabetes.

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25 Foods That The Cause Of Diabetes


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