How To Get Rid Of Stomach Gas? | 100% Working Tricks

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Gas? | 100% Working Tricks:

Any disease that afflicts a person disturbs the balance of life. Similarly, stomach problems, if they are bad, make a person very anxious.

One of the problems is the formation of gas in the stomach, which is a minor problem but time. It hurts a lot not to be treated.

If you also have a gas problem then we will tell you some ways to get rid of this disease which will get rid of gas in the stomach.

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Walking If you walk briskly for at least 20 minutes a day, rest assured you won’t have a Stomach gas problem.

Eating slowly Most people eat very fast food which causes gas in their stomach so always eat comfortably and chew food.

Light hot food If you like to eat hot and spicy foods, give up this habit immediately and eat food with less spicy food.

Spaghetti A good thing that will save you from gas is to leave the peel of spaghetti mixed with a teaspoon of water at night and in the morning use half a cup of milk and a teaspoon of sugar mixed in this peel.

Fennel Fennel is food that if you fry on the stove and store it in an airtight container and use three tablespoons at a time, you will not suffer from gas.

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Green tea is usually liked by many people but did you know that it can solve the problem of gas in your stomach?

Yes, mixing cardamom in green tea and using it twice a day will not cause stomach gas.

Raw radish If a person suffers from gas and raw radish is nearby, using it in the form of salad will gradually relieve the stomach gas.

Cardamom Whenever there is gas pain, drink cardamom powder with a glass of water and you will get relief very soon.

Fried foods People who eat more fried and fried foods should stop eating fried foods immediately as poultry foods are a major cause of stomach gas.

Ginger and Honey Gas sufferers should put the washed roots of ginger roots in boiling water and leave the water to boil further, then add a little honey and use it.

Water Everyone is well aware that water is a great blessing of God but did you know that if the water is used as much as possible then you will not have a gas problem but other diseases will also go away.

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Turmeric Increase the use of turmeric in your dishes as turmeric is also useful in treating gas. Drink a glass of water before eating but do not drink water for at least 15 minutes after eating and take a short walk.

Garlic and Ginger The last way to get rid of flatulence is to use ginger or garlic soup, which is a very popular way for the elderly.

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