Habits That Cause Belly Fat and Weight Gain


Habits That Cause Belly Fat and Weight Gain: Are you worried about obesity, but aren’t losing weight despite exercising or eating a healthy diet?

So maybe it’s because of your own habit.

Yes, there is a habit that is found in most people and that is to finish your food too fast or to swallow it without chewing it well which is destructive to health.

If you also have this habit, it results in weight gain and gradually a person becomes obese.

This was revealed in a new medical study conducted in the UK.

A joint study by the University of Bristol and Rohimpton University found that eating too fast is a harmful health habit.


Research has shown that people eat more than they need as a result of eating fast because it takes time for the body to realize that the stomach is full.

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Researchers say that we do not feel full immediately because our bodies are not designed to do so.

Research has shown that people are more likely to adopt this habit in childhood, and researchers have tried to determine if the cause is not with siblings.

Research has shown that children living with siblings develop the habit of eating with a sword.

According to researchers, there can be many reasons for this, such as the presence or absence of siblings, which can affect the speed of eating.

Similarly, the desire to play sports can cause a person to run out of food fast.

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Whatever the reason, the researchers said that people who have this habit are more likely to develop obesity and obesity than others.

The results of the study were published in the online edition of the medical journal Journal Clinical Obesity.

Earlier research reports said that when you eat slowly, that is, spend at least 20 minutes doing this, it gives the esophagus a chance to begin the process of digesting food.

Eating too fast also causes air to enter the stomach and bloating, which can lead to stomach acidity and gas.

Properly swallowed food is also the easiest way to lose weight. According to a study by Texas Christian University, eating slowly and taking small bites reduces the feeling of hunger shortly after eating.

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Similarly, people who eat slowly also drink more water, which makes them feel more satiated.

The study looked at the relationship between eating speed and calorie intake and found that people who ate slowly ate 88 calories less on average than those who ate fast.

6 Habits That Cause Belly Fat and Weight Gain



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