Hand Sanitizer Declared Dangerous To Children’s Eyes

Hand Sanitizer Declared Dangerous To Children’s Eyes: Health experts have been pushing for the use of hand sanitizers and face masks to protect against the corona epidemic that began in China in December 2019.

However, a recent study found that misuse of sanitizers is dangerous for children’s eyes and some sanitizers are extremely dangerous.

According to a study published in the medical journal JAMA Network, drops of sanitizers can go directly into the eyes or put hands on the eyes after using the sanitizer can cause problems for children.

A study by French experts found that between April and August 2020, most children who used sanitizers had their corneas ruptured and had to undergo surgery on an emergency basis.

Hand Sanitizer Declared Dangerous

The study found that most of the children whose corneas were ruptured had drops of sanitizer in their eyes, but some children also touched their eyes after using the sanitizer.

In this study, Indian experts also assisted French experts and they also reported such incidents, which proved that sanitizers are dangerous for children’s eyes.

According to experts, most sanitizers contain a mild type of alcohol called methanol or ethanol, which is commonly used for blending in beverages, and some of the particles in this substance are so strong that they can even irritate the eyelids Can damage

Experts suggest encouraging children to use soap instead of sanitizer or to wash their hands with plain water after sanitizer.

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