Harmful Effects Of Smartphones On Your Face Beauty


Harmful Effects Of Smartphones On Your Face Beauty: What do women do for their beauty?  But they do not know that the mobile phone in their hands is the enemy of their beauty.

According to the research report, women may be able to get rid of the excessive use of mobile phones.

Women try their best to keep their face fresh with various creams and lotions, but when the wrinkles on the face become visible, they have to try not to hide them.

First, hide the wrinkles then do the make-up. On such occasions, women remember the tips and lifestyle of their grandmothers who used to look beautiful even in old age due to staying away from make-up.

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Thanks to the use of pure food and natural ingredients, their skin looked refreshed. Modern research has shown that facial wrinkles can be caused by anything other than aging or excessive use of make-up products.

British health experts say modern mobile phones are causing wrinkles on women’s faces.

Harmful Effects Of Smartphones On Your Face Beauty

After 18 months of research, it has been proved that the biggest enemy of women’s beauty is the smartphone. Experts say that looking at the small screen for a long time creates tension.


The skin of the face changes. Eyebrow shrinkage is particularly severe. Which affects the skin of the whole face. A large number of girls in London and the south-east of the UK suffer from wrinkles on their faces due to the use of smartphones for smartphones.

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Lund’s beauty therapist Nicola Jose says she has had dozens of girls over the past year and a half who have suffered from wrinkles at an early age.

Jose collected the details of their engagements and habits from the girls and concluded that it was a reaction to the iPhone.

He also consulted with technology and health experts, which was later confirmed. Spending too much time watching on that small screen definitely causes this reaction.

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