How does age affect a man’s ability to be a father?


How does age affect a man’s ability to be a father?: For years, women have been told not to wait until the third or fourth decade of life to have children, while it is believed that men can become fathers at any age.

But the reality is not so simple, but much more complex, as evidence continues to emerge that men’s ability to become fathers is greatly affected by age.

Unlike women, men’s ability to produce offspring is not completely affected by aging, as sperm cells and hormones called testosterone to continue to be produced, leading to reports of men becoming fathers between the ages of 70 and 90. Have come

But that doesn’t mean that aging doesn’t affect a man’s ability to be a father.

One study found that after the age of 40, men’s ability to become fathers is reduced by 30% compared to men under the age of 30.

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Although sperm production continues, its quality and function change with age.

Another study included 5,081 men aged 16 and a half to 72 years.


The results showed that sperm functions do not change before 34 years, but after 40 years, various functions begin to decline.

A detailed analysis of 90 research reports in 2015 found that sperm count and other vital functions begin to decline with age.

How does age affect a man’s ability to be a father?

Negative effects are also passed on to children from older fathers.

Aging can lead to mutations and damage to a man’s sperm DNA, which increases the risk of miscarriage or abnormal pregnancy.

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A Stanford University study found that if a father is 45 years old, babies may need prenatal care, low birth weight, and postpartum medical care, such as ventilation or others.

The study further found that if the father is up to 45 years of age, the risk of premature birth or low birth weight increases by 14%.

Researchers also claim that the wives of men of this age may also have problems with maternal high blood sugar during pregnancy, due to changes in the sperm of men as they age.


Researchers say that it is possible to avoid such negative consequences if men do not wait until they are 45 years old to have children.

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In 2020, research from the University of Monash in Australia found that the age of men is crucial for the birth of children.

Research has shown that men’s ability to conceive a partner decreases ‘significantly’ with age.

The study found that with age, the chances of men becoming fathers decreased by 4.1% with each passing year, no matter how young the wife was.

According to research, men begin to have a significant decline in this ability after the age of 40 and it may take 5 times longer to become a father at the age of 45 than men in their 20s.

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