How To Check The Freshness Of Fish? (5 Easy Methods)


How To Check The Freshness Of Fish? (5 Easy Methods): Fish is a food that almost everyone likes, whether it is fried or curry or any other form.

Fish meat is very tasty and has many health benefits.

But when you buy fish for cooking, how do you know it is better and fresher to eat?

In simple words, how to choose a good fish to eat from the pile in front of you?

So it’s not that difficult.

Just taking care of a few common things can be helpful in this regard.

How To Check The Freshness Of Fish? (5 Easy Methods)
How To Check The Freshness Of Fish? (5 Easy Methods)

1. The smell of fish

Most people do not like the smell of fish, but experts believe that this is the best way to make sure that the fish you are eating is fresh or not.

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The smell of a good fish is not very bad but mild, in comparison, if it smells very bad then it is the first sign that the fish is stale or protected from chemicals, such smell often persists even after cooking it. Likely to stay.

2. Eyes do not lie

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Look at his eyes when he buys fish.

Fresh fish’s eyes are clear, shiny, and full, while their opacity is a sign that it is too late to keep them there and that they are stale or bad.

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3. Stable structure

The body of a fresh fish is solid or stable inside and out, the skin glows.

When the body is pressed with the finger, the inner part comes back to its original shape like a spring, while the skin does not become loose.


In contrast, stale fish are pale in color and the flesh is soft and fluffy.

4. Overview

When buying fish, make sure that it is not discolored, has no white layer in the eyes, and has a fresh throat and tail.

Also, make sure that his body is slightly slippery and the color of the meat does not change. The flesh of fresh fish is bright pink in color and it bleeds when cut into pieces.

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5. gills

The gills of the fish should be clean and bright red in color, the color of the gills will become dull and brown with age, while the smell in them is a clear sign that the fish is not fit to be eaten.


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