How To Control Diabetes – Amazing Solution

In the last few years, diabetes has become a common disease in people all over the world, and the most worrying thing is that it is affecting people from middle age onwards.

One of the World Health Organization (WHO) According to the report, in the year 2014, 422 million people around the world were suffering from diabetes.

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that quietly enters the human body like a termite.

It licks the limbs and if not detected in time, it can lead to vision loss, kidney failure and countless other medical problems.

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According to a recent study, one out of every four people in Pakistan The individual is suffering from diabetes and the number is increasing.

How to control diabetes?

Health experts in a recent study said that spinach and bitter gourd drink is effective in controlling sugar.

Spinach and bitter gourd nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood says that eating bitter gourd triggers a chemical reaction in the body that lowers blood glucose levels and helps control insulin levels.


It is one of the few vegetables that can help reduce the risk of diabetes.

Which teas are good for diabetics?

People who consume a small amount of spinach daily are at risk for diabetes. This vegetable contains vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and other minerals that are good for general health.

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How to make spinach and bitter gourd juice? It is very difficult to drink spinach and bitter gourd juice because it tastes very bad but if you add a few drops of lemon and black pepper to it.

So it tastes good and can be easily drunk. To make spinach and bitter gourd juice, first, chop some spinach leaves finely and then boil them.

In the same way, take a bitter gourd and cut it in half. What should diabetics eat for breakfast? In addition, a few drops of lemon, black pepper, and finely chopped ginger will be needed to make this juice.

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Put all these things together in a blender and grind them well and when it seems that all the things are well mixed together, take it out in a glass and drink it.

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