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How to control obesity?: If a person is healthy and strong, then he is determined to do even the most difficult work. He can do the work of religion more and better and he can do the work of the world in the best way.

But as long as they are healthy, and to stay healthy, you need to eat a balanced diet and avoid things that can harm your health, such as things that some people say have a “cold effect.”

There is a need for less use of “hot effect” items and similarly, some people need more “hot effect” items and more use of “cold effect” items.

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That is why you should eat according to your health. Click on the video below to learn more. Obesity, the enemy of your beauty, can take your life.

How To Control Obesity?

No matter how handsome a person may be, if he is overpowered by obesity, his personality will be eclipsed and his form will look incomplete.

Therefore, obesity is considered a complex metabolic disorder today. Obesity is a disease in itself, but it can lead to many other diseases and sometimes even death. Born due to obesity.


Dangerous diseases include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure, among others.

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It should be noted that the timely death of heart disease in the case of obesity will be unrelated to heart function, but harmony, and heart and arteries.

The main cause of which is the increase in the amount of fat in the blood and the increase in cholesterol.

The highest rate of death due to obesity is above-mentioned.

The increase in blood pressure due to obesity is not common.

The risk of cervical cancer in women, breast cancer after the sun pass, prostate cancer in men, and anal cancer in men is increased.


What is obesity?

The word fat or fat is used in Urdu for obesity. The words Obesity and Corpulency are used in English. In fact, when excess fat starts accumulating in the body and there is a significant increase in weight, such a condition is called obesity.

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This is called a condition when their weight exceeds the medically prescribed rate. The rate of weight is determined by age, gender, gender, and height.

Obesity Explained: What is obesity

How To Control Obesity? [Complete Video]

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