How to get Rid of Lice fast? (Amazing Tricks)


There are different ways to treat head lice, however, mechanical and chemical removal of lice is considered to be more successful, we tell you how to use it to get rid of lice fast.

Apply conditioner well, comb the hair with a normal comb and divide the hair into separate sections. The conditioner does not kill lice but it paralyzes them for about 20 minutes.

This makes it easier to remove them. Then comb the hair with a thin metal lice comb, write a comb with lice, remove eggs and paralyzed lice, wipe the comb with white tissue and check for lice.

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Keep combing until more lice appear on the tissue. This is the preferred method of treating lice because it is effective, it does not cause resistance to pesticides in the lice and it is quicker.

comb how to get rid of lice

But the risk of inflammation is also less.

Another mechanical method is to keep good lice comb in the shower and the family members should turn this comb into the hair every time they wash their hair, thus making sure that the lice lay more eggs.


If you choose to use the chemical method, remember to follow the instructions carefully.

If the effect of a chemical medicine does not show, do not be tempted to re-apply the same medicine, another medicine instead.

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Apply which contains various chemicals, you need to repeat the treatment after 7 days to kill the new lice that come out of the eggs.

This information (How to get rid of lice fast?) has been released by NSW Health for parents and guardians.


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