How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain Within 5 Minutes?


How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain Within 5 Minutes?: Stomach Pain usually increases slowly or it feels like a tiny ball is hitting inside the body. Whatever the feeling, the pain is excruciating and everyone wants to get rid of the pain immediately.

The good news is that most of the time, there is a solution in your kitchen that will help you get rid of this pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar balances the acidity in the stomach that is necessary for the digestion of food, usually, the lack of acid in the stomach makes it difficult to digest food, which often results in Stomach Pain.

Is Drinking a tablespoon mixed in a cup of water accelerates the process of formation of gastric acid while also relieving stomach pain.

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Stomach massage If the Stomach Pain is due to constipation, then a gentle massage on the abdomen can give relief but also relieve constipation.

For this purpose, massage the abdomen with the index finger and the thumb clockwise, which will also help to get the food pieces stuck in the intestines.

Drinking extra water often results in Stomach Pain, constipation, and intestinal cramps, often due to dehydration.


Water is not only essential for the intestines but also for improving the digestive system and absorbing nutrients.

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Also helps, so drinking the right amount of water can relieve stomach pain.

Ginger Chew Ginger also stimulates the digestive system, chew a centimeter piece of ginger for a few minutes, which will stimulate the digestive system and relieve Stomach Pain.

Aloe vera juice is also beneficial if you have a stomach ache after eating. Aloe vera juice can help relieve it. Drinking 1/3 cup of this juice soothes the esophagus and relieves stomach pain.

Bone marrow contains a number of ingredients that help repair cells, if there is Stomach Pain or digestive problems as a result of a poor diet, or if there is an upset stomach due to medication, it can often reach the cells.

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As a result of the damage, Yakhni can be a good weapon to repair it. Take a few deep breaths after drinking a cup of hot yak and that’s it.

Lemon tea or water Lemons are also very beneficial for the digestive system.


If the stomach does not feel well after eating, drink a cup of hot lemon tea or a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with a cup of water to relieve stomach pain. Brings relief.

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain Within 5 Minutes?

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