How to improve eyesight | 11 Mistakes Can Destroy Your Eyes

How to improve eyesight | 11 Mistakes Can Destroy Your Eyes: Eyes are a great blessing, so taking proper care of them can help maintain good eyesight as well as nervousness. Following these instructions can make a significant difference in your vision. There are 11 Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Eyes.

After Reading Complete Article you can Learn How to improve eyesight without any problem easily.

Mistake #1: Not getting an annual eye checkup

It is very important to get an eye check-up from an ophthalmologist every year, especially people over the age of 40 must have an eye check-up once a year so that the doctor can confirm their eyesight and whether they have glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy and No other diseases.

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Mistake #2: Infected eye

It is also possible that the eyes that are red with tears and itching may be a warning of an allergy or a contagious disease that is characterized by pain, allergies to light, mucus-like and blurred vision. become visible.

Mistake #3: Don’t get treated

A doctor should be consulted as soon as something happens to the eye, especially when there is difficulty in seeing, pain, anxiety, difficulty in opening or bleeding in the whiteness of the eye, or one eye is different ۔

Mistake #4: Don’t wear sunglasses

The spring protects the eyes from the sun’s rays.

The sun’s rays can cause cataracts in adolescence. Cataracts are tissues that develop on the white part of the eye that affects vision.

So it is better to choose glasses that help to block 99% of the rays.

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Mistake #5: Eye contact

Doing so can cause irritation to the eyes which can lead to blood vessel damage.

The condition can also be alarming and germs can be transmitted which should not be near the eyes, so it is important to wash and clean the hands whenever the eyes are touched.

Mistake #6: Being too close to the screen

Proximity to the screen of a computer, tablet, mobile phone makes the eyes work harder which causes pain.

The solution is in this formula 20-20-20 ie anything that is twenty feet away for twenty seconds.

Watch every twenty minutes, and blink with a protector on the screen.

Mistake #7: Not taking proper care of the eye lens

To protect your eyes, keep the lens clean with the same solution as recommended, do not use water at all and keep the lens in a suitable container and change it every three months, remove it from the eyes before going to bed, and Be careful not to get hot water in your eyes.

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Mistake #8: Cosmetics left on the eye

Cosmetics or colds are harmful to the eyes, so the eye should be cleaned and goggles should be used before going to bed.

Mistake #9: Lack of information about the health of family members

The doctor should have information about the patient’s family members, what kind of eye diseases are found in them, it will be easier to diagnose and also in treatment, so according to many researchers, many eye diseases are related to heredity.

Mistake #10: Don’t wear glasses

With the passage of time, there is also a decrease in vision, so it should be understood, and while reading, especially fine writing, the use of spectacles with age can be useful in seeing.

Mistake #11: Smoking

Other organs such as smoking can harm the human body, the eyes can be damaged, the nerves can be damaged or other diseases like this can lead to blindness.

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