How to increase height naturally | 100% Guarantee


How to increase height naturally | 100% Guarantee: Friends, today I have come up with a very amazing tip for lengthening my height. I am going to tell you a very important tip with the help of which you can increase your height by one foot in a month, insha’Allah.

And boys can use it, not girls above 24 years of age and boys can not use this prescription. Friends, today I am going to share with you a very amazing recipe.

You are worried about your little Hyde or people to tease you that she is short. This girl is not having a relationship. The girl is short.

There are many reasons, now there is no need to worry, whether it is girls or boys, no one needs to worry, read this prescription carefully, God willing, you will grow taller, God willing, what are the things that you can use The height of can be increased.

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How to increase height?

The first number you have to take is Habul Rashad. You have to take it. You can get it from any grocery store. Come on.

You have to take 150 grams. The second number is you have to take Sanghara dry Sanghera. It can be found in any grocery store.


You have to take 50 grams of dry Sanghara and then you have to take Misri. There is no benefit to it. We are using it because we have to change the taste of the prescription.

You have to make sweets in it, so we are adding in it. You have to take 150 grams of sweets in it and in the end, we will take Masti Rumi.


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If you want to see all these things, then go up. You can see the pictures in the video. Mushtaq Rumi has to take 25 grams. You have to take all these things

How to make them after taking them. First, you grind these things one by one and mix all the things together. You don’t mix anything in it.

Water etc. etc. Just make it a powder that you have to mix them together. And people between the ages of ten and twenty-four have a spoonful of the powder you have prepared in the morning.


Anyone can take a glass of pure milk from the top, whether it is buffalo, cow or goat. In the morning and evening, you have to use this prescription in the same way and only use it for one month.

Remember to make your children accustomed to light labour while still a student.

Even if you don’t, you are hostile to your children. Make them accustomed to eating, drinking and writing, as well as participating in other summers.

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Exercise yourself and get the kids used to it. This keeps the blood circulating in the human body which helps in lengthening.

Take special care of your children and your diet as well and eat healthy foods. Maximize the use of pulses, small meats, large meats, vegetables and fruits.

In addition to all this, take special care of your sleep. It is very important for young children and the elderly to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep is also a major cause of health problems which can lead to short stature.



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