How to Lose Weight After Marriage?


How to Lose Weight After Marriage?: Have you ever considered that after marriage most people start gaining weight and become obese?

If so, this is not surprising as there is a link between a successful marriage and a possible weight gain.

Yes, there is indeed evidence to support the notion that happy couples gain weight faster, and that being overweight means there is a risk of other diseases.

So why does this happen?

Everyone tries to look good at a wedding, and for months they prepare for it.

However, after marriage, people’s attention is not focused on maintaining a good personality.

A study of more than 8,000 people found that on average, married women gain more than 5 kg in the first five years of marriage.


Research has shown that married men also gain weight and it is possible to gain 5 kg or more in just 2 years, but only with a good relationship with the wife.

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Researchers say that after marriage, the risk of obesity increases in men and women.

Another study found that newlyweds who are happy with each other gain weight faster, while couples who are unhappy with each other do not.

The researchers said that this is because married couples do not have much desire to keep their body weight healthy inside.

Researchers say that a good marital relationship makes people care about their body weight because they are happy with life.

Weight gain is like a contagion

A study of 8,000 people (mentioned above) also found that women are more likely to become obese after one year of marriage, while men are more likely to become obese within two years.


One study found that if one of the married people is obese, there is a 37% chance that his or her spouse will soon be able to compete with him or her in body weight.

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In this regard, the study agreed on one of the reasons for the increase in body weight in married couples that behaviors are like contagion.

That is, when couples live together, their diet and activities become the same, which affects their body weight in a positive or negative way.

So how is it possible to escape?

Numerous research reports in this regard have found that married people should make it a habit to eat healthy foods.

According to researchers, if people lose focus on dietary fat and body weight after marriage, then eating a good diet reduces the risk of obesity.

Similarly, married people are accustomed to exercise less, because they have less desire to take care of the external personality.


Exercise together

No need to exercise too much. Get in the habit of walking after dinner at night. If possible, get in the habit of jogging, even at home.

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Exercise of any kind helps to prevent many diseases.

Get into the habit of eating less outside the home

The habit of eating more outdoors speeds up the process of gaining weight, as hotels usually have high levels of fat and salt in their diet, which can lead to weight gain.

Choice of healthy items

So getting into the habit of eating fruits, vegetables, and nuts instead of other harmful foods can also help control body weight.

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