How To Put Contact Lens? [Easy Method]

How To Put Contact Lens? [Easy Method]: Teaching people the way to use contact lenses properly is literally my job. when you see enough people try contact lenses for the primary time you’ll pick.

up mistake that they commonly make so today, we will be learning the right way of how to insert and take away contact lenses without making those careless errors.

let’s begin

step 1 wash your hands if you do not wash your hands before handling contact lenses small particles like dust sand and oils on your fingers can stick onto the contacts.

making it uncomfortable when you’re wearing them to avoid this rinse your hands thoroughly removing any dirt from your hands and particularly your fingers.

step 2 the taco test scoop the lens out of the solution and lay it down onto your index try using an equivalent-sided hand because the eye you’re about to put the lens into so for instance.

we’re going to be doing the proper eye first so we’ll use our right index to position the lens at eye level and inspect the lens there are two different ways your contacts are often positioned.

the correct way should be for it to resemble a bowl shape where the lens points upwards the incorrect way would be for it to resemble a taco.

where the lens either folds inwards or the lens points outwards if you discover that your contact lenses look more sort of a taco rather than a bowl then all you’ve got to try to do is flip the lens inside out if you are a beginner.

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then spotting these differences is going to be very difficult but luckily in ninety-nine cases out of 100 the lens is going to be positioned within the bowl formation straight out of the packaging once we’ve inspected the lens it’s time to insert the lens into the eyeball.

step 3 insertion contact lenses are usually about 14 millimeters in diameter which suggests that for the lens to comfortably land on the eyeball.

we will get to expand our eyelids wider than the lens itself otherwise the eyelids can block the entrance contact lenses generally extend.

ever so slightly beyond the diameter of our iris which is that the colored a part of your eye so once you stretch your eyes to insert the lens if you’ll see the sclera completely circling the iris.

then you know you’ve got your eyes wide enough the simplest way to open your eyelids is by using the monkey grip technique which is once you dry your fingers.

except for the finger you’re holding your lens of course reach over the top with the other hand lifting the eyelid up slowly approaching the lens.

closer to your eyes and using one among your other fingers you would like to tug down on the lower eyelid creating a gap for the lens to enter through.

Here are some quite common mistakes

beginners make when opening up the eyelids beginners roll in the hay too far from the eyelash margin check out the difference in how wide I can get my eyelids from just opening them up from the eyelash margin instead of from further away from the more area you create during this process the better it’ll be for.

you to insert the lens when the lens approaches the eye most of the people panic by either closing their eyes stronger than what they will hold open looking away to avoid watching the lens or immediately.

jump as soon as they feel the lens touch of the eye to be fair these are all instinctive movements so you cannot fault yourself for doing them.

But it’s important to remain focused and calm during this process if you fail to stay the lens on the eye and somehow the lens falls on the bottom or dries out from being within the air for too long either use a special lens or give the lens.

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a good rinse in its own solution to scrub away any dust slowly move the lens closer to your eyes so that your eyes don’t panic aim centrally and in the case where you cannot open your eyelids wide enough insert the lens at an angle and tuck it.

underneath the eyelid and await the remainder of the lens to stay on for an honest fit once the lens places itself on the attention it’ll suck on to its surface thanks to the physical phenomenon of water.

if you’ll stay calm despite the weird sensation you feel on your cornea you will have a way better experience while doing the contact insertion.

if you’ll swirl the lens on your eye and you’ll almost always get an honest fit and there you’ve got it.

you have now successfully and calmly inserted your contacts in your eye but you cannot call yourself a contact wearer unless you recognize the way to take the call in most cases.

I find patients find removal to be much easier than the insertion so it should be a bit of cake from here step 4 removal the aim of the removal process is to dislodge the lens far away from the attention.

And pinch it out using the soft part of your fingers not your fingernails one thing to recollect is that each time you blink the lens is meant to lodge itself back onto the cornea then after blinking you’ll be got to pull.

the lens down again before attempting to pinch it off you’ll again be got to physically slide your finger over the cornea and having contact on the attention makes it almost impossible to scratch.

your actual eye so you’ll be a touch bit more ambitious when dislodging the lens once the lens sits lower you would like to slip your two fingers onto the ridge that the white and therefore the pink part of your eyes make the common mistake here is that patients don’t pinch the lens they do not get close.

enough and find yourself pinching the air above the lens if you’re using daily disposable lenses you’ll store use the lenses during a bag and recycle them along with the blister packaging it came from.

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if you’re using reusable lenses be diligent and store them in solution while not wearing them.

The easier you are feeling at touching your own eye and staying calm the better the method will become be responsible with contact lenses by not sleeping in them and replacing them.

When you should if this tutorial helped you set in contact lenses in then are happy to hit like.

A Little Mistake Can Make You Blind

A woman wearing a lens in the United States made a big mistake unknowingly, which caused her to lose her sight.

According to international media reports, Yassi Draw William, a resident of Michigan, fell asleep on the night of April 15 without a lens in her eyes and without putting medicine in her eyes.

In a state of drowsiness, he remembered to put medicine in his eyes, so instead of an eye-drop while he was asleep, he picked up a nail polish remover (thinner) and put drops in his eyes.

The woman said that when she woke up, her eyes were getting dry due to the lens, so she quickly tried to find an eye drop and put drops in her eyes, but she made a mistake.

The woman said she kept her eye medicine in her purse. She also had a bottle of glue in her purse that day, which she did not remember at all.

He picked up the glue bottle as an eye drop and put the drops in his eyes and fell asleep. When Yasi Draw William woke up in the morning, his eyes could not open, after which he washed his face. One eye was open but he could see nothing but darkness.

When the woman informed her husband about the situation, he called the emergency number and called a doctor, who examined him and then took the patient to the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital, when the eyes were examined and some tests were done, it was found that the woman’s eyes were affected due to glue, due to which she could see less. Doctors removed the glue from the woman’s eyes for three hours.

Doctors told the woman that the lens kept her eyes relatively safe, but that she would now have trouble seeing.

How To Put Contact Lens? [Easy Method]

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