How To Stay Young Forever (Secret Tricks)


The best recipe to stay young forever, you will be amazed too, man has always been trying to know the secret of long and healthy youth and fortunately an ancient Buddhist monk with a reputation for enviable health and life shared this secret.

Was reserved for the man of the modern world in writing that has now come to the fore. Shaolin, a famous Buddhist monk, is one of the most famous intellectuals in Chinese history, and he also excelled in martial arts.

He gave some very simple rules for living a healthy and youthful life. Do the following. Don’t get caught up in too much and unnecessary thinking.

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It consumes your mental energy and old age arrives prematurely. Don’t talk nonsense because there are two kinds of people in the world, one who talks and the other who works.

It’s important for health and youth that you work instead of talking. Whenever you do any work, rest for 10 minutes after 40 minutes of work.

Do not look at anything constantly, it will destroy your vision. When you are happy, control your happiness because if you are uncontrollable, you will damage your lungs.

Avoid unnecessary worries because worries damage your liver and intestines. If you eat food, do not fill your stomach.


If you want to complete your work in a good way, never rush, but work with peace of mind and contentment and shake off worries and stay young.

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Else If you only do physical exercise and do not do mental exercise, you will lose your balance and lose the blessing of patience.

If you only do mental exercise and meditation and do not exercise, the balance of yin and yang will be disturbed and your peace of mind will be ruined.

Shaolin advises you to pay attention to both body and mind so that you And for Yang to be able to balance energy, and that is the secret of a long and full youth, and this is the recipe for staying young.

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