Important Tips For Before & After the COVID 19 Vaccination


Important Tips For Before & After the COVID 19 Vaccination: What Should Do After and Before COVID 19 Vaccination?

Vaccinations are underway to protect people around the world from the coronavirus. According to the New York Times, 1.32 billion people worldwide have been vaccinated so far.

Did you know that doctors recommend eating healthy foods to boost the immune system of corona patients, as well as boost your immune system during the vaccination process?

Recently, renowned Indian nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared an informative video on Instagram explaining what to eat before and after vaccination and what to avoid.

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Just as every laboratory test has certain requirements as to what to eat or not to eat or drink before the test, so it is important to keep the following in mind before getting the COVID 19 Vaccination.

Use healthy and Home-Cooked foods

By the way, healthy and homemade food should be a part of daily life, but before and after vaccination, avoid substandard food, especially junk food, so that your immune system is not weakened in case of any infection.


Proper Hydration

It is important to stay hydrated before and after vaccination, as dehydration can cause irritation at the site of vaccination. Water, high water, fruit, soup, and vegetable juices should be used to compensate for dehydration.

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Stop Using drugs (smoking, alcohol, snuff, etc.)

Smoking, alcohol, and other drugs of this nature weaken the immune system, which in turn increases the lethality of the coronavirus. If you are addicted to any type of drug, stop using it at least 24 hours before the vaccination.

Do not take any drugs for the next 24 hours, even after vaccination.

Get Enough Sleep

Get complete rest and plenty of sleep the day before the vaccination, as insufficient sleep lowers your immune system by up to 70%.


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