Is Body Weight Increase The Risk Of COVID 19


Is Body Weight Affected On COVID 19: Body Weight is a factor that affects the severity of the disease in people with COVID 19.

This was revealed in the largest medical research ever.

The study, published in the medical journal The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, analyzed data from more than 20,000 COVID 19 patients.

These patients were hospitalized or died during the first wave of COVID 19.

Research has found that being overweight as well as being underweight increases the risk of serious consequences in COVID 19 patients.

Research has shown that overweight people between the ages of 20 and 39 have a higher risk of developing severe code 19 seriousness, but less so over the age of 60.


Experts involved in the Oxford University study said that the results show that even a slight increase in body weight can increase the risk of serious complications of COVID 19 and the greater the weight gain, the greater the risk.

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Overweight increases the risk in people under the age of 40, but does not affect the outcome of the disease in people over the age of 80, he said.

He said that priority should be given to obese people in vaccination policies.

The study analyzed the results of serious cases of COVID 19 between January 24 and April 30.

The study found that more than 13,000 patients remained in the hospital, 1602 had to be admitted to the ICU while 5,479 patients died.

The majority of patients with serious COVID 19 complications were over 60 years of age.

According to the study, people with a body mass index of 23 kg or more experienced more serious consequences.


The researchers said that they do not yet know whether weight loss can reduce the risk of serious seizures of COVID 19, but it seems acceptable, but it also has other medical benefits.


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