Is COVID 19 The Cause Of Heart Disease? [New Research]


Is COVID 19 The Cause Of Heart Disease?: People with mild coronavirus are less likely to have long-term damage to heart function or structure. This was revealed in a new medical study in the UK.

Keep in mind that the majority of people infected with the coronavirus have mild to moderate symptoms or no symptoms.

The University of London College study involved 149 medical workers and is the most detailed study to date on the number of people suffering from COD 19.

The study looked at the long-term effects of cod on a mild illness on heart function and structure.

The serious severity of COD 19 has led to the discovery of effects such as blood clots, heartburn, and heart damage in hospitalized patients, and it is thought that even mildly ill people may experience similar complications. Maybe.

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However, there was not much information available before this study.

PCR tests were performed weekly with blood and saliva combustion samples from the participants for 16 weeks.


Six months later, heart MRI scans compared the heart structure and function of 74 people with mild illness to scans of 75 healthy people who were not infected with corona.

The researchers did not find any difference in the volume or volume of the heart’s main chambers between the two groups, nor did it affect the heart’s ability to pump blood.

Flexibility with swelling and scratches on the heart was also found to be similar in both groups.

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When the researchers analyzed blood samples, they found no difference in the decimal places of damage to the heart muscle of the two groups.

The research team said that heart screening of patients with mild severity of COVID 19 was of no particular benefit and should focus on people who have experienced a severe severity of the disease.

“It is a challenge to know all the details about the effects of cod on the heart, but now we have entered the stage of the epidemic where we must start working on the long-term effects of this disease,” the researchers said.

He added that the results were good news for millions of people with mild to no symptoms.

He said that research by experts on the long-term and short-term effects of COVID 19 on the heart and circulatory system is progressing, but there is still much work to be done, but the good news is that apparently, the disease Mild severity does not cause long-term damage to the heart.

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MRI scans showed minor problems, but their rates were not higher than those of other healthy people with milder illnesses than COVID 19.

Researchers believe that these changes may be due to something other than the coronavirus.

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