Are Dry Eyes Sign of COVID 19? [New Research]


Are Dry Eyes Sign of COVID 19?: About 80% of people in COVID 19 have mild or moderate severity of the disease, while 5% need ICU care.

This was stated in the results of a study in March 2021.

Common symptoms of coronavirus include cough, fever, and fatigue, but there are many other symptoms that can be a sign of the disease.

Researchers have also identified dry eyes or dry eyes or the sensation of an external object entering the eye and other eye symptoms as part of the COVID.

Are Dry Eyes Really a COVID?

It is not one of the most common symptoms of COVID, and without flu-like symptoms, it is almost impossible for this eye problem to be related to COVID 19.

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However, researchers have found that the problem is more common in people infected with COVID than in people protected from the coronavirus.


A study published in early 2021 found that one in 10 people had this symptom.

According to research, 16% of COVID patients have symptoms of dry eyes, but the cause is still unclear.

According to a June 2020 study, the coronavirus enters body cells through the S2 receptor and is also present at the level of the eye.

In addition, it was discovered in 2018 that inflammation caused by the body’s immune system also causes dry eyes, while one idea is that when the coronavirus enters the cells in the surface of the eye, it can cause eye infections. Affects moisture capacity.

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Isn’t the face mask the reason for this?

The use of face masks is necessary to slow down the spread of COVID 19, but it can also cause dry eyes.

Ophthalmologists have recorded an increase in the number of people suffering from dry eyes since the onset of the epidemic.


When the face mask is on the face, the air coming out of the mouth or nose goes upwards and the moisture in the eyes starts to decrease more rapidly.

Prolonged use of face masks, spending too much time in front of the screen can also cause this problem.

What are the other eye COVID symptoms?

Research reports have identified several eye symptoms associated with COVID 19, but they are not very common.

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The following symptoms were discovered in a research analysis in 2021.

Dry eyes or sensation of an external object (16%), redness of the eyes (13.3%), watery eyes (12.8%), itchy eyes (12.6%), eye discomfort (9.6%), and eye contents Emissions (8.8%).

The study found an eye infection in 89 people, with conjunctivitis detected in 90% of cases.


What are the common symptoms of COVID?

Common symptoms of COVID include fever, chills, difficulty breathing, cough, fatigue, muscle or body aches, loss of sense of smell or taste, sore throat, and stuffy nose, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. , Runny nose, cholera, and vomiting.


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