Is Lunula On Nails (Half Moon On Nails) Dangerous?

Is Lunula On Nails (Half Moon On Nails) Dangerous?: If you look at the fingernails and toenails, you will see moon-like marks on the underside. In medical parlance, this half-moon sign that appears on the basis of nails is called a lunula.

They are mainly part of the tissues inside the nails that contain nerves, lymph and arteries, while there are also cells that harden the surface of the nails.

So these white marks are on the hands and feet of almost everyone, but there are some things in which they are not visible.

What are healthy signs?

Healthy scars are usually white on a very small area at the base of the nails and are most visible on the thumb.

Consider that in the index finger, this white moon is smaller than the thumb, and as such, its volume gradually decreases in the front fingers and is barely visible in the little finger.


What if it changes colour?

Is Lunula On Nails
Lunula On Nails

Sometimes the colour of this mark can be a cause of illness, ie a colour instead of white can be a cause for concern.

So why does the colour change?

There are a number of reasons why diabetes is prominent. If blood sugar is not diagnosed or is too high, it can turn white to blue.

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Similarly, excessive use of fluoride can change its colour to brown or black.

As a result of serious kidney diseases, this colour changes and even the whole nails change, half the nails become brown and half white, which is also called half and half nails.

If the moon turns red, it could be a possible sign of heart failure.

What if its volume is small or disappears?

The small or disappearing moons are not a cause for concern but are usually hidden at the base of the nails.

Rarely are they caused by a problem such as anaemia, malnutrition or depression.

A doctor should be consulted if you experience unusual symptoms such as fatigue or weakness with the disappearance of these symptoms.

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By the way, it is not a cause for concern if it usually disappears or turns pink, but if you experience abnormal symptoms with changes in the structure of the nails, you must consult a doctor.

If the hands and feet turn blue, immediate medical attention should be sought, which may be the result of a lack of oxygen in the blood.

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