Keep Your Mind Sharp With Sherlock Holmes Ways


Keep Your Mind Sharp With Sherlock Holmes Ways: If you are interested in the stories or movies of English detective Sherlock Holmes, you will know how he saves all kinds of details in a ‘memory palace‘.

This is a technique that was introduced in ancient Greece and now researchers have discovered that this method is really useful in forming long-term memories.

In this technique, called the Method of Lusai, the mind wanders to a familiar place.

For example, the things you want to remember while mentally wandering in a house or a favorite park or other place are placed in different parts and then these details are ‘picked up’ while walking again.

For example, if you are familiar with Minar Pakistan, imagine that you are walking there and dropped a word like a book into a lake, then another word somewhere else.

To get the words you want to remember in the same way again by highlighting the map in your mind and walking on your own feet again.

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Research has shown that this method allows people to memorize word lists, number series, and more for a long time.

Keep Your Mind Sharp With Sherlock Holmes Ways
Keep Your Mind Sharp With Sherlock Holmes Ways

“We were fascinated to see how amazing the memory is at the World Memory Championships,” said Isabella Wangan, a researcher at the University of Vienna.

To test this method, 17 memory athletes or champions were hired who were among the top 50 people in the world in memory competitions.

Similarly, 16 people were included in the B study who could compete with these memory athletes in terms of age and intelligence.

fMRI scans of the brains of these volunteers were performed while they were reading different words from a list.

The volunteers were then asked to memorize the words in the order in which they were listed.

The second part of the study included 50 people who had no memory training experience, and 17 of them were trained to use the Method of Lucia for 6 weeks.

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fMRI scans of the brains of these individuals were performed before and after the training and the same tasks were performed that were dropped from the second group in the first part.


The results showed that people who were trained in the Method of Lucia performed better than others in terms of long-term memory.

The researchers found that training in this method significantly increased their lasting memory, but did not show any significant change in short-term memory.

During the task, those who were trained in the Method of Lucia memorized 62 words from the list after 20 minutes, while those who were trained in the second method memorized 42 words while those who were not trained memorized 36 words.

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Similarly, 24 hours later, the group with the Method of Lucia had 50 words to remember, while the other groups had 30 and 27 words, respectively.

The researchers found that memory athletes and people who were trained in Lucius had similar brain activity to memorize word lists and sequences.

This procedure helps the brain to function more efficiently, which improves memory, he said.

He said that it is possible for everyone to learn this method, but it will take some time and practice to get used to it, even if it is not suitable for everyone, but it can improve memory.


The results of the study were published in the journal Science Advances.

Keep Your Mind Sharp With Sherlock Holmes Ways


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